Winterizing Your Automatic Watering System

Winterizing Your Automatic Watering System . . .

As the owner of an automatic irrigation system, the ritual of “blowing it out” before the first true freeze each Fall, will become your priority to minimize the risk of freeze damage to your system.

Called “winterizing,” it involves blowing all water from your sprinkler system piping using an air compressor (and draining & removing the pump, if applicable).  It’s strongly recommended that a qualified, licensed contractor like Watering Systems Inc perform this essential service.

General service and repair work won’t typically be conducted during the winterizing procedure.  Any system difficulties that won’t delay the procedure will be noted and recorded for spring repair.

If your automatic watering system doesn’t require you to be home for this procedure, it’ll still be your responsibility to ensure you’ve turned off the water supply to your system before we winterize it.

Winterizing is typically done between October 1st – November 15th each year.  Occasional overnight frosts, and periodic dips just below freezing aren’t unusual, and shouldn’t pose problems to your system.  However, sudden temperature drops below – 5° (Celsius) could result in damage to yourabove ground components (such as pumps).  While we’ll make every effort to reach you and let you know what you should do to protect your irrigation system — we can’t assume any responsibility for damage abnormal weather conditions may cause.