Typical Sprinkler Installation

“We make it rain only when you want it.”

Here are a few snap shots of some typical installation tasks performed when Greenscape installs your irrigation system.


A Hammer Drill is used for putting a hole in the foundation.

A hole is drilled in the foundation to get the water source outside for the irrigation system.

Outside irrigation water source is completed.

After the hole is completed, the copper plumbing is brought out, and the hole is re-sealed.

Pipe Pulling:

The irrigation pipe is pulled in the ground by the Ditch Witch machine.

The turf is left intact with only a small slit after the pipe is pulled.

Irrigation pipe is pulled into the ground by a small Ditch Witch, leaving very little disruption to the landscape or your grass.

Existing Landscapes:

prinklers are being installed along this walk.

nterlock brick walkways can be lifted and put back after the pipe has been installed.

When Greenscape works around existing landscape features, we take care to ensure the quality of the finished product.


Valve Installation:

Pipe are connected to the valves for the different irrigation zones.

This is a finished valve box ready for the seed or sod.

These images show a before and after view of a typical valve box installation, all that’s left is to add the sod.


Sprinkler Installation:

Darrin attaches the sprinkler to the pipe.

Finished sprinkler installed with the top at ground level.

This is a “before and after” of a pop-up sprinkler installed in topsoil.