Sprinkler System Evaluations

A Case for Sprinkler System Evaluations

Water Resource Conservation has become everyone’s responsibility. Home owners and property managers alike, are compelled to ensure water conservation practices are being followed

By having a certified professional, like GreenScape, perform an evaluation of your irrigation system, your problems will be pinpointed, and recommendations to fix these water-wasting inefficiencies will be provided

Because it is a mechanical machine, without ongoing periodic maintenance and upgrades even the most efficiently designed irrigation system, will begin to break down.

Examples of aging, or unattended irrigation system problems that can result in significant water waste:

  • Sunken, or crooked sprinkler heads that don’t pop up and cover properly
  • Misaligned spray patterns that throw water onto streets, sidewalks or driveways
  • Missing or broken sprinkler heads, (often caused by damage from seasonal maintenance equipment or vehicles)
  • Leaking pipes (typically go unnoticed)
  • Broken control valves (fail to open and close properly)
  • Out-dated or malfunctioning control systems allowing unnecessary watering
  • Lack of, or malfunctioning rain sensing equipment allowing unnecessary watering

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In the absence of regular periodic inspection, evaluation and repair, these types of problems can continue for days, weeks, months, or even years without notice, resulting in excessive water waste, decreased plant and lawn health and dramatically increased operating costs.

GreenScape’s complete irrigation system evaluation has repeatedly been shown to be the most effective & cost efficient tool for reducing landscape water use.

GreenScape.ca is always ready to help…

greenscape-standard-qualityAs the Ottawa area leader in sprinklers and the art of making landscapes and properties sparkle since 1986, we’ve got the knowledge, experience, skills – and most of all, the desire – to be your trusted, one-stop, outdoor services provider.

Over the years, we’ve established the GreenScape.ca ‘Standard’ – our way of ensuring each and every project, whether you’re a new client, or you’re one of lued ones – is always delivered in a consistent, industry standard-setting fashion for quality and professionalism, every time, all the time.

What the GreenScape ‘Standard’ means to you

Our Industry-leading guarantee…

7-year-guaranteeMost sprinkler system contractors only offer 1 or 2 year guarantees, if they offer any at all.

Manufacturer-recognized contractors (like Rain Bird’s™ Select Contractors – GreenScape.ca is proud to be one) are supported by the manufacturer to offer their clients a guarantee of up to 5 years.

Since we have over 25 years experience, and we know design and install the best, most effective and reliable sprinkler systems you’ll find anywhere, we offer our clients an industry-leading, full 7-year guarantee on our sprinkler system installations. No one else does that. Be sure to ask us for details.

The Commercial Landscape Watering Situation

Office buildings and commercial properties can find extensive opportunities to lower costs by conserving water used to irrigate their surrounding landscapes, especially office complexes with extensive common area landscaping.

These landscapes are notoriously over watered because:

  1. The leasing agents demand a lush landscape to attract potential tenants
  2. The landscape is maintained by a contractor that does not pay the water fees
  3. The landscape is usually irregularly shaped, difficult to water and most current, antiquated sprinkler systems lack the appropriate and simple zone separation between turf areas and plants with lower water needs

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Landscape irrigation can account for as much as 50% of the total summer water use for commercial properties, yet many landscapes are overwatered due to the lack of functioning simple rain sensing equipment, or out-dated sprinkler controllers that require manual programming adjustments.

It is estimated that 30-70% of commercial and residential irrigation water goes to waste due to evaporation, wind, improper system design, or overwatering. A sprinkler system evaluation is the first step to eliminating these wastes.

Unfortunately, relatively few building owners take the steps needed to make the landscape maintenance contractor responsible for water use and waste.

Benefits of System Evaluations

  1. Reduced water use and fewer dollars spent on water
  2. Improved landscape appearance – fewer wet and/or dry spots
  3. Reduction of runoff
  4. Reduction of water loss below root zone (over watering)
  5. Reduced fertilizer and chemical requirements

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The Basic Sprinkler System Evaluation Process

  1. Visual observation of existing system operation
  2. Identify/ inventory existing equipment per zone, or area of property
  3. Detail of current control system information and schedule
  4. Sprinkler head operational inspection
  5. Visual leak inspection
  6. Identify micro-climates
  7. Plant evaluation by zone/area
  8. Calculate total annual water consumption (based on current schedule, and billing records)
  9. Produce reports with recommendations for improved efficiency and effectiveness
  10. Provide implementation plan and costing for required renovation or repairs, with detailed report on potential water savings (ROI)

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