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Not All Sprinkler Contractors are Created Equal…

So, if you really want a dependable sprinkler system –
One that will service you reliably for years to come
You’ll want to make sure you choose the right one…

Professionally designed and installed, an automatic lawn sprinkler (irrigation) system is one of the easiest ways to keep your landscape looking its absolute best… maintenance and service is minimal too.

Once your sprinkler system is installed, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one. Clients have told us what they think those sprinkler system benefits are, so we thought we’d let them describe them to you themselves…



Simplicity – “After our sprinklers were installed we never had to drag hoses and sprinklers around our yard again. And we didn’t have to worry about watering too much, or too little, either.”

We didn’t have to worry about how to keep our precious lawn and gardens watered when we needed to be away, the automatic controller took care of everything. Our GreenScape.ca sprinkler system saves us plenty of time and worry… and gives us leisure time in the Summer we’d never have thought possible.”

Efficient & effective – “Because the sprinkler system controller turns our sprinklers on and off automatically, we don’t have to be around to move them, turn them on or off… nothing. We’re no longer tyrannized by our watering chores… so we have lots of time now to do the things we’d rather be doing – instead of moving hoses… thanks to our GreenScape.ca irrigation system.”

They add value – “Achieving and maintaining an attractive landscape meant we had to make a substantial financial commitment… as well as on-going regular, careful, thoughtful maintenance.

Our sprinkler system has helped us protect that investment, with a healthier, more robust lawn, and plants, shrubs, and trees that last much longer. We originally got our GreenScape.ca sprinkler system for our convenience, but an unintended consequence has been how much it’s helped increase the ‘curb appeal’ and resale value of our home quite significantly.”

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Conserving water with your sprinkler system…

Studies suggest that as much as 70% of residential Summer water use goes to watering lawns and gardens. And as water becomes an increasingly more precious resource, finding ways to conserve it is becoming everyone’s responsibility.

But that shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice a your lawn, your gardens, or a beautiful landscape.

With a custom sprinkler system, designed specifically for your property, you’ll get the number and the types of highly effective, water-conserving sprinklers and sprayheads, appropriate to each unique area or watering ‘zone’ of your landscape.

Even better, you can now specify one of our revolutionary, new SMART sprinkler controllers (the ‘brain’ that operates a sprinkler system), which continually adjusts itself, based on…

  • Local weather-based data
  • Being programmed to the specifics of your property
  • Sophisticated rain sensors that turn your sprinklers on (or off) – automatically – and on a precise schedule.


These SMART sprinkler controllers perform in much same way as the very expensive, weather station-based set-ups often used for government facilities, larger commercial properties, municipal grounds, golf courses, etc… but they’re surprisingly affordable.

In fact, so much so that you can experience a return on your investment (ROI) in saved water, (depending, of course, on the weather) of as little as a single growing season.

There’s every chance you’ll reduce your water consumption for landscape watering, and of course, reduce your water costs… and you’ll certainly save time and hassles.

Lawn Watering System working in Napean, Ottawa

Choosing a professional sprinkler system contractor…

Installing an automatic irrigation or sprinkler system can be a challenging task… after all, you’re burying a relatively complex hydraulic machine under ground in your yard.

The sprinkler contractor you choose should have expertise in…

  • Hydraulics
  • Effective sprinkler system design of a broad variety of grasses, plants, shrubs, and trees
  • How slopes, shading and soil types can affect the water requirements of your property.

And many more things you should consider!

Determining a contractor’s relative skills, training and certifications should help ensure you’ll choose the right one – and get a water-efficient and effective sprinkler system, that’ll provide years of reliable, trouble-free service.

That’s why it makes sense to choose the best, most respected and conscientious, professional sprinkler system contractor you can find for your project.

But how can you be sure you choose the right sprinkler contractor?

Before you make any decision on which sprinkler system contractor you’ll choose, be sure to educate yourself. Learn what you should look for, and what you should watch out for in the contractors you evaluate.

We know the process can be daunting – and that’s why we took the time to put together a special report to help you with the process… yours, FREE!

It’s full of tips, hints, tricks-of-the-trade and provocative industry insights most other sprinkler or irrigation contractors would rather you never found out about… a must-read if you’re serious about having a professionally designed and installed sprinkler system – and avoiding the perils and pitfalls of choosing the wrong company to do it for you.

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