Rainbird Select Contractor

GreenScape.ca is Proud to Be a Rain Bird™ 100% Select Contractor®…


What the Rain Bird 100% Select Contractor® Designation Means to You…

To Be Accepted into the Rain Bird 100% Select Contractor® Program, a Contractor Must Meet and Maintain the Following Conditions…

  • Use Rain Bird™ products exclusively in all installations
  • Be an Irrigation Association (IA) Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC)
  • Regularly attend Select Contractor® Business Conferences and Select Contractor® regional meetings
  • Be a member of one or more professional irrigation organizations (such as Landscape Ontario, or the Irrigation Association)
  • Permit Rain Bird™ personnel to visit and inspect sprinkler installation job sites to review work in progress (or recently completed)
  • Be recommended for membership by their area Rain Bird™ representative
  • Abide by the Rain Bird Select Contractor® Code of Professional Responsibility, as follows.

The Rain Bird™ 100% Select Contractor® Code of Professional Responsibility & Conduct…

In order to achieve and safeguard the highest sprinkler system standards of professionalism, every Rain Bird™ Select Contractor® agrees to adhere to the following Select Contractor® Code of Professional Responsibility and Conduct…

  • Always treat each customer with respect
  • Conduct all business dealings in an ethical, legal, and customer service-oriented manner
  • Meet (or exceed) all Provincial and local licensing, certification, and insurance requirements
  • Respond to inquiries and service calls within 24-48 hours
  • Be on time for all visits, appointments, installations, and site inspections
  • Provide each customer with a comprehensive proposal that includes the scope of work to be done, the respective cost, and the time required to complete the project
  • Design premium quality systems and install only professional-grade products in accordance (at minimum) with current industry standards and all applicable local and Provincial codes and requirements
  • Explain (and where appropriate, demonstrate) completed work to the client
  • Leave all job sites in the best condition possible, removing all leftover installation materials, wrapping, etc., as well as making sure turf and gardens are returned to their original state, as much as having installed a sprinkler system will allow
  • Ensure technicians are professional, uniformed, and clearly identifiable in some way, and company vehicles are branded and that both present a consistent, professional image
  • Regularly take advantage of opportunities for professional and educational development.

These, along with the GreenScape.ca ‘Standard’ for sprinkler system client service excellence are your assurance of the most professional, comprehensive, hassle-free installation and on-going sprinkler system maintenance, service, and reliability available anywhere.

To find out more about the GreenScape.ca ‘Standard,’ 
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