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Commercial Landscape & Property Maintenance Services

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The image your property conveys is evident before anyone sets foot on it… because the impression it makes when seen from the street establishes the tone and feel for your entire facility.

Well-maintained grounds make obvious for everyone to see – your attention to detail, your commitment, and the pride you take in your property.

Maintaining your property(ies) increases curb appeal and property values – and that’s just good business.

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All too often, property owners and managers
Think of landscape & property maintenance as a necessary evil…

An expensive cost of doing business. In reality, commercial property maintenance should be all about increasing property value.

To that end, as a responsible property maintenance provider, we view the work we do as an opportunity to demonstrate how that perceived cost is actually an investment – with very high ROI potential…

Here are just a few tips to consider in the process of deciding how to maintain your property…

On the property maintenance crew…

For a better chance of positive results, only let qualified, trained, and certified property maintenance professionals on your property.

Ensure the one you choose is committed to developing a culture of client-oriented teamwork, integrity, respect, and safety within their crews.

Uniformed, respectful crew members who don’t smoke, swear, or play music are a good indication of a company that takes its professional responsibilities seriously.

On Grass/Lawn Mowing…

There’s more to cutting grass than just driving a mower around.

To achieve the neat, clean, ‘golf course’ look you expect, the mowers used need regular and proper maintenance along with skilled adjustment & blade sharpening. This ensures every blade of grass is cut cleanly, and cut at precisely the right height to account for the time of year and specific turf conditions.

Sylized photo of someone cutting lush green grass with a pair of scissors - a reflection of the quality lawn mowing services available from Landscape & Property Maintenenace Services - 613.723.8528

To allow for optimal root development and greater drought resiliency, current mowing practices are trending toward mowing ar higher heights, especially where a sprinkler system isn’t available.

You’ll also want to make sure your contractor allows enough time to do the job properly. If you see unsightly ‘cow licks’ ridges on your grass areas, you’ll know the guys/gals running the mowers had them rolling too fast. This is especially evident when larger turf areas are involved.

It’s vital that the mowers used on your property are well-maintained, driven at the appropriate speed, and cutting the grass at the right height, too…

On Fertilizing Grass & Turf…

Proper nutrition for your grass areas is critical to making that positive statement about your property, and to keeping lawns healthy, attractive, and weed/pest free.

Your provider should only use name-brand fertilizer products, formulated specifically for turf – and never the cheaper, agricultural-grade fertilizers often substituted in commercial applications.

Fertilizer application considerations…

  • Take care to avoid unsightly and wasteful over-spreading onto adjacent streets, walkways
  • Don’t over-fertilize in the early Spring. While this may stimulate the short-term blade growth, early growth will be at the expense of the strong, healthy root development it needs for sustained health over the hot summer season.
  • Using slow/time-release fertilizer products gives outstanding results in as few as three seasonal applications.
  • Since most soils already contain more than enough phosphorous – and we want as little as possible of it washing into the ground water systems – always use fertilizers formulated with as little phosphorous as possible (unless soil testing indicates otherwise).
  • Always use safe fertilizer products that pose no risk to the technicians applying them, or anyone else (people or pets).

This is a testimonial from a commercial client, which reads - People are very quick to complain and criticize, and they’re less likely to offer comment when things are positive. I’ve already had three owners comment on the exceptional quality of snow removal services this winter. To these I would add my own opinion, Your guys are doing an outstanding job. They’re on-site as soon as needed, they’re quick, unobtrusive, and surprisingly quiet. Please convey our thanks and appreciation to them for a job well done. Gerry Taylor Carleton Condominium Corporation 368 - Landscape & Property Maintenance Services - 613.723.8528

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On Over-Seeding & Topdressing…

Over-seeding and topdressing stressed or damaged areas will encourage new growth. Properly used, it’s an excellent, and environmentally responsible turf management practice.

Over-seeding & topdressing considerations…

Embrace an organic, smart, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to your lawn area. To increase stress tolerance and resistance to ground-feeding insects, use grass seed varieties rich in endophytes.

Because it’s prevalent in existing lawns, look for quality seeds that are also inherently resistant to ‘Necrotic Ring Spot’ fungus (Frog’s eye).

Instead using a seed broadcaster or spreader – which won’t
deliver the seeds evenly – use a slit-seeding device to plant
grass seed instead. Because you’ll…

  • Get better results – slit-seeding beds the seeds directly into the soil where wind, rain, and traffic can’t wash or blow it away. It’s also tougher for the sun to damage them, or for birds to eat them.
  • Save watering costs – the seeds are less susceptible to drying out and dying when planted with a slit seeder – especially if there’s no automatic sprinkler system.
  • Have fewer weeds in the slit-seeded areas – a much greater percent­age of the seeds will germinate, using less water, and filling in bare patches quicker, making it harder for weeds to establish.

Rather than using topsoil – which is typically scrapped from farm fields (and often full of weed seeds ready to germinate) – consider topdressing with a ‘screened, composted leaf mulch,’ which has virtually no weed seed in it. Lawns need lots of organic material, and composted leaf mulch is 100% organic

Photo of a slit seeding machine cutting the furrows and depositing the the seeds in them - Landscape & Property Maintenance Services - 613.7223.8528

On Lawn Core Aeration…

Every IPM and turf management process should include Spring and/or Fall lawn core aeration.

Lawn core aeration cuts small, tubular-shaped cores of soil from your turf, dropping them on the surface. The resulting holes let air, moisture and nutrients get to the root system… and as the cores decompose, the rich soil filters back into the turf, supporting the decomposition of underlying thatch, promoting deeper, healthier root growth.

And, if your lawn core aeration service provider also happens to provide sprinkler system maintenance, they should be willing to guarantee not to damage your sprinkler heads, or fix them at no charge.

Illustration of how a lawn core aerating machine cuts turf plugs and removes them - with a photo of  a man;s hand holding an actual turf plug from a lawn core aerator - Landscape & Property Maintenance Services - 613.723.8528

On Snow Blowing & Ice Control…

Snow blowing and ice control work should be more than just a guy (or gal)with a truck and a cell phone. Especially if you want your landscape features, your sprinkler system, curbs, etc. to survive the Winter intact.

Operators who are careless about where they drop their blades, where and how they push and pile snow expose your property to the risk of damaged curbing, salt damage, and other, serious repair issues.

Only use a contractor who recognizes the value of belonging to the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA), and who has been certified by the ‘Smart About Salt Council’ – demonstrating their commitment to environmentally responsibility.

The snow standard is to use snow blowers, rather than plows.  That way we can put the snow where we want it, as we work, rather than having to come back in mid-winter to truck away the snow banks that plowing leaves behind.

It’s much easier on your walks, lawn, gardens and walls, too. snow clearing snow blower photo - serving Heritage Lawn Care and GreenScape Snow Clearing clients in Barrhaven, Stonebridge, Country Place - 613-723-8528

Where fits in…

With’s nearly 25 years of exemplary service, we’ve established a truly enviable reputation. And, that’s because, unlike many service providers, we’re committed to ‘doing what we say we’ll do, when we said we’d do it’… as well as delivering consistently high-quality, reliable results.

And we extend that commitment to excellence and consistent, high quality results to our landscape & property maintenance division… which means you, your properties, and your owners or tenants will benefit significantly from any services we provide.

We’re always looking for ways to be more environmentally responsible, like scheduling our routes more efficiently, keeping equipment properly tuned, seeking new engine technologies for fuel efficiency & emission reduction, as well as reviewing waste and recycling wherever feasible.

Finally, because our technicians are familiar with sprinkler systems and the water needs of your landscape… as an added bonus, we can help determine the proper watering requirements for your plant life, adjust your system accordingly, optimize water consumption, and minimize waste and excessive water bills.

We’d be glad to meet with you to discuss your landscape or property maintenance requirements.

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Winter Services…

  • Snow clearing & removal (plowing, walkway blowing, trucking, etc.)
  • Ice control (salting, sanding, etc.)

Spring, Summer & Fall Services…

  • Landscape & property maintenance services, including…
  • Spring clean-up
  • Power sweeping
  • Mowing
  • Sodding, seeding & overseeding
  • Topdressing
  • Lawn core aerating and de-thatching
  • Fertilizing Soil testing
  • Maintaining/weeding garden beds
  • Planting perennials and shrubs
  • Hedge trimming
  • Minor stone work (interlock, stone, flagstone, etc – walks, walls, patios, surrounds, etc.)
  • Planting bulb in the Fall
  • Fall clean-up, leaf removal
  • Property winterizing

Year Round Services…

  • Carpentry
  • Electrical & plumbing
  • Concrete floor repair & refinishing
  • Fencing, gates, posts
  • Parging Drywall installation & repair
  • Insulation & vapor barrier work

And much, much more…

We also offer residential landscape & property maintenance services

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