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You really like wonderful, yet tasteful outdoor Christmas lighting and décor. But, if you’re like most of us, you don’t like climbing on ladders, or having to be on your roof to string Christmas lights or hang Christmas decorations at the best of times.

And when it’s snowy and cold you probably don’t relish the hassles of hanging outdoor Christmas lights & décor at all, and even less when it comes time to take them down again later on.

And, if you don’t get things just right, there’s the risk of dangerous falls, tripping circuit breakers or even creating a serious fire hazard. So, more and more homeowners are looking for a professional Christmas lighting & decorating contractor to do the work for them.

Our goal is to provide you with all-inclusive Holiday lighting & décor services that eliminates all the hassles you may associate with outdoor decorating  for Christmas – including a design plan, installing the lighting & decorations to create breath-taking residential or commercial Christmas displays. We will also include the take down and packaging of the lights afterwards for you to keep at your home.

Clients tell us they really apprecaite our complete service, and with 25 years in the landscape and Christmas lighting business, they trust both our professional design and installation.

Our Christmas lighting & décor services are not for everyone…

If you think of outdoor Christmas lighting & décor as just a quick trip to the closest big box store and teetering on top of a step-ladder for a few hours, then our services likely aren’t a good bet for you.

But if you view Christmas Lighting as an investment you’re willing to make in both your home and the Holiday spirit, and you don’t want to climb ladders, then by all means you should give us a call at 613.726.7105 for a complimentary quote.

What’s included in our Christmas lighting service

You’ll never have to buy Christmas lighting or decorations again – our turnkey services eliminate the hassle, yet give you the complete flexibility to change or add to your Christmas lighting and decor whenever you wish.

Our professional team will design, provide, install and service your custom-fitted Christmas lights and decorations, and remove them after the Holidays – so you won’t have to! Now you can truly enjoy the Christmas season.

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Complete Chistmas lighting & decorating services…
From your rooftop to the curb…

  • Christmas Lighting
  • Home & Building Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Ground Lighting
  • State-of-the-art Hardware
  • Quality Products
  • And Always – Trained, Insured Professionals…

We can only give effective service to a very limited number of clients each Christmas season.

And after we’ve reached that number, it’ll be too late – we won’t be able to take on more clients.

We work on a first-come, first served basis.

Call us as early in the year as possible.

We’ll also do Hanukkah lighting, Kwanzaa lighting, or lighting for virtually any holidays or special events – just give us a call.

Commercial applications…
Welcome your customers, clients, or tenants in for the Holidays…
With our spectacular holiday lighting displays.

You’ll get rave reviews this holiday season with’s masterful & festive Christmas
lighting designs and installations.

Greet your clients, customers, or tenants with spectacular outdoor Christmas lighting & decorations with our specialized, all inclusive services. Let us enhance your home, your business or your property this Holiday season.

Why Choose Christmas Lighting & Décor by GreenScape?

  • Tasteful, elegant Christmas & seasonal lighting designs… tailored to your unique residential or business application
  • Nearly 25 years of delighting clients
  • Free consultation & estimates
  • Professional & attentive service
  • Flexible designs to fit any budget
  • Custom-fitted lighting displays
  • Technicians trained in power usage distribution & low voltage lighting systems
  • Long-lasting commercial-quality LED products
  • Wreaths and garlands for the finished touch
  • Our ‘full package’ includes design, installation, ‘after-the-Holidays’ take down, storage until next season
  • Full liability & workers compensation insurance.








Put YOUR Christmas lighting on auto-pilot this Christmas…