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greenscape-standard-qualityAs the Ottawa area leader in sprinklers and the art of making landscapes and properties sparkle since 1986, we’ve got the knowledge, experience, skills – and most of all, the desire – to be your trusted, one-stop, outdoor services provider.

Over the years, we’ve established the ‘Standard’ – our way of ensuring each and every project is delivered in a consistent, industry standard-setting fashion for quality and professionalism, every time, all the time.


Our Industry-leading guarantee…

7-year-guaranteeMost sprinkler system contractors only offer 1 or 2 year guarantees, if they offer any at all.

Manufacturer-recognized contractors (like Rain Bird’s™ Select Contractors – is proud to be one) are supported by the manufacturer to offer their clients a guarantee of up to 5 years.

Since we have over 25 years experience, and we know design and install the best, most effective and reliable sprinkler systems you’ll find anywhere, we offer our clients an industry-leading, full 7-year guarantee on our sprinkler system installations. No one else does that. Be sure to ask us for details.

Our nearly 27 years of steady growth and stellar reputation of helping Professionals suggests we’re doing things right!

A note about outdoor services pricing…

Recently we’ve had man folks tell us they’ve been given quotes by other contractors that seemed just “a little too good to be true.”

And in almost every case, they almost certainly were –

provocative-lawn-factsIn the long-run, that can very often mean your too-good-to-be-true deal will actually end up costing you a lot more in the long run, than even the highest quote you were originally given.

fair-promise-pricingYou likely wouldn’t knowingly choose a contractor who’s business may be little more than just a guy (or gal) with a truck and a cell phone, who may never complete your project to your satisfaction (if at all), and who may not ‘be there’ afterwards, when you really need service for your system… would you?

Of course, you expect to pay a fair price, don’t you?

But you should also want your service provider to earn enough from their work to let them stay in business…so they can continue to provide the services they’ve committed to – and for which you’ve probably paid in advance – shouldn’t you?

That’s why the Standard includes our ‘Fair Pricing Promise…’

It’s our pledge to give everyone a fair, reasonable, and consistent price on all products, services, parts and labor we offer.

We pledge to …

  • Show up when we say we will
  • Do what we say we’ll do
  • Always deliver the highest quality, honest, reliable products and services available anywhere…

All backed by our great team, positive, can-do attitude, excellent products & services, great warranties, and much, much more.

Don’t just take our word for it …

Your attention to customer relations is most impressive and a refreshing contrast to what one normally finds, once a sale has been completed

H. Mullington

From the first contact this has been a totally satisfactory experience, and you installation and services teams were absolutely first class.

J. Muston

Your crew was not only professional and knowledgeable, they were hilarious. This was a great experience and I know we’ll enjoy our GreenScape sprinkler system for years to come. Thanks a lot.

L.A. Hardy

GreenScape featured on Derick Fage’s ‘Green Industry Experts’ show…